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7th March 2017

WORK DAY is held in March of each year. It is Otumoetai College’s key fundraiser.

Work Day is one way students can contribute to the school and the wider community.

Past Work Day money has provided shade cloth, drinking fountains on the field, sports equipment and uniforms, the outdoor stage and sound system, books for the Library, the grandstand, outdoor tables, landscaping, chairs and umbrellas, sound and lighting in the PAC, contributed to the purchase of a new van.

All students are expected to participate.  Students either contribute to Work Day or attend school. Modified classes will run at school for students who do not wish to participate in Work Day, but the Form Teachers need to be informed of this in the weeks preceding Work Day so the appropriate planning can take place.  If a student chooses to come to school they are to wear school uniform.  If students are sick parents must notify the school following the usual procedure.

Students are able to work prior to the scheduled day i.e. weekend or after school work e.g. babysitting. They can donate their earnings, in which case they do not need to come to school on Work Day.

As a guideline we encourage students to aim to contribute at least $20 for juniors and $25-$30 for seniors.

As a guideline, Work Day for students consists of at least 3 hours work. If the work is longer, then we would expect the pay to be proportionately more.

Work arranged by students and their family are not to include anything that endangers the students safety. Under OSH guidelines they are not to be employed in any of the following activities: spraying, handling hazardous substances, working at height, construction work, excavation work or operating machinery.

No student should be able to say – “I could not get a job”.

In the past we have helped about 100 students find work.  Members of the public phone in with job requests, which are screened to ensure student safety, then placed up on a Jobs Board. If a student is struggling to find work they need to watch the notices for details of the “Jobs Board”.  The Jobs Board operates each interval and lunchtime at least a week before the event. Once a job is selected off the board the student and their family are responsible for contacting the member of the community directly to discuss the parameters around the work. For example: the type of work, the equipment needed or provided for safety, the hours worked, the rate of pay and the transport arrangements. The students are issued with a procedure sheet of what questions to ask the employer when they make contact. If they are not happy with the job, they are to bring the employer details back to the office and inform the office of their concern. This will be followed up by the office and the job may be removed from the Job Board.

We do not expect parents to pay the school so their children can have a day off.  As well as being a service to the community Work Day is a school fundraiser NOT a charge placed on parents.  The responsibility to participate rests fully with the students who are part of this community.   We do not accept students saying their parents cannot afford to pay!

Where possible, students who are absent or sick on Work Day are encouraged to find a job later and contribute in the weeks following Work Day.  This includes any year 9 students at camp or any students away for sport. This is not demanded though.

International students are exempt. They are expected to contribute to the International Food Festival.

There are prizes for:

The first three form classes, with all student payments made.

The two form classes (one must be junior) with highest average payment.