This is a programme designed to develop the basic life skills of students with intellectual and learning disabilities.

Achievement Objectives:

  • To encourage and establish independent functioning.
  • To assess individual capabilities.
  • To provide programme to reach potential.
  • To provide opportunities to learn new skills and develop communication skills.


Consumer Studies:

Money – use, recognition, value; recognition of needs; recognition of variety of different shops; identifying what shops you need; the types of goods each shop has; how to purchase.

Family Life:

  • Family tree, being part of a family and where we come from.
  • Meals and food –different types (breakfast, snacks, barbeques, winter soups etc.), how to prepare and present, duties involved in preparation and clearing up.
  • Variety of family activities – sharing household chores, recreation together, respect for individuals, personal and family responsibilities.
  • Different family structures, beliefs, cultures.
  • Community Services:
  • Police; Emergency Services – Ambulance and Fire Service; Libraries; Local council.

Communication Systems:

  • How we communicate at school, home, with friends, different language/slang/jargon.
  • Talking and listening.
  • Why communication systems are important – between who and how.
  • Telephone – faxes, e-mail.
  • Written communication – postal services; community communication – newspapers, radio, TV.
  • Selected supported Learning Units or
  • ASDAN programs.

Education Outside the Classroom:

  • Planning, organising and implementing major learning experiences. This may involve travelling away from school.
  • Conservation:
  • Awareness of parks and reserves; recycling; refuse control.