Note: Any reports not collected by students from Form Teachers at the end of term, will be held over until the following term and handed out in form time.
End of Year Reports for Juniors not handed out at form class will be mailed.

Junior Reports Issued:

 Term 1 Week 8  Thursday 24 March (Interim)
 Term 2 Week 7  Friday 17 June
 Term 3 Week 6  Thursday 1 September
 Term 4 Week 9  Friday 9 December

Senior Reports Issued:

 Term 1 Week 8 Thursday 24 March (Interim)
(Year 11 Only)
 Term 2 Week 10 Tuesday 5 July (Interim)
 Term 3 Week 9 Friday 23 September
(Exam Grade Reports Posted)
 Term 4 Week 2 Friday 21 October


Report Evenings  3:30-6:30pm

Junior Report Evenings
Thursday 31 March FINISHED
Monday 11 April  FINISHED

Senior Report Evenings
Wednesday 11 May FINISHED
Thursday 19 May  FINISHED
Tuesday 24 May   FINISHED
Wednesday 27 July (Senior Grade Report Afternoon)

On these days the school closes at 3:05pm
All students and parents are welcome to attend the ‘report back’ evenings in the Performing Arts Centre (entrance via the courtyard of the Administration building).

On the day the bookings open (see dates below), you will receive an email with instructions.
Your student will also be given an instruction sheet in form class that day.
At this time, the instruction sheet will also be loaded to this website page. 

Appointments to see teachers at parent-teacher interviews
are made on-line at

 The bookings will be closed off at 12 noon on the day of each report evening.