High School Rock-climbing is based at Rocktopia in Triton Avenue, Mount Maunganui, www.rocktopia.co.nz. The emphasis of the club is on having fun, meeting new people and learning the skills of this increasingly popular sport. The opportunity is there for students should they wish to take the sport further and enter in the numerous sport climbing competitions that are held locally, regionally and nationally each year.

Climbing Nights:
Rocktopia runs a climbing club for students after school on a Wednesday and Friday. Students make their own way to Rocktopia and many catch the Bay Hopper from directly in front of Otumoetai College. Most students arrive at Rocktopia between 4 and 4.30pm. The club runs until 6pm, but climbers are welcome to stay longer if they wish. The gym closes at 8pm on these days.

The Rocktopia club is not a school club, it is open to all high school and intermediate students in the greater Tauranga area and run by the Rocktopia team. The highest standard of behaviour is expected while climbing at Rocktopia and your daughter / son must abide by all of Rocktopia's safety regulations. Otumoetai College takes no responsibility for your child's safety while at the climbing Gym.

All payment should be directed to Rocktopia. The climbing club training will be coached by Rob Moore and Rocktopia staff members. Lead climbing is a prerequisite for competition climbing - so throughout the year those who show an interest in competing can complete a workshop at Rocktopia to gain these climbing skills.

How much does the Climbing Club Cost:
A casual session at Rocktopia is $17. School members can purchase a membership for $40 per month, this allows members to climb twice a week (Wednesday and Friday afternoons only). But is not coached. For $80 per month the students can come in anytime to climb, and coaching sessions (Wednesdays and Fridays) are included.

The cost of harness hire is covered in the above fees. Climbers are advised to wear comfortable pants and tee-shirt, PE gear is ideal but not required. Foot wear is required and up to the individual climber, most climbers wear climbing shoes but it is not uncommon to see climbers in street shoes or sneakers. Climbing shoes are available for hire at Rocktopia for $3.

If you have any questions please contact Kerry at Rocktopia This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 572 4920.