The Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award is a programme of activities designed to challenge young people. It helps develop self-reliance and self-awareness. Accepting the challenge is also a lot of fun. There are 3 levels of the Award – Bronze, Silver and Gold. At each level the student is required to do some form of activity in each of the 4 sections: Service, Adventurous Journey, Skills and Physical Recreation. Within the various sections there is choice from a wide range of activities. It gives a student the chance to choose an activity that appeals or one which they may view as a challenge.
Students start the Bronze Award from 14 years on, Sliver you need to be 15 and for Gold 16 before starting it. The chance to be part of this Award will be advertised through assemblies and school notices. At present we have about 15 year 11 students working towards their Bronze or Silver Awards. The cost is $26 per Record Book plus costs associated with the activities chosen.
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