The Dale Carnegie Course is a leadership course offered to students with leadership potential who have a positive, optimistic attitude but who may miss out on the top leadership roles and opportunities in school.

In Year 13, Form Teachers and Deans are asked to nominate potential candidates, these students are then interviewed by their Deans and re-interviewed by the Training Director of the Bay of Plenty Dale Carnegie Branch.  The Acorn Foundation Scholarship supports the cost of three Otumoetai College students on this three day training course.  

Listed below are the topics to be covered and the expected outcomes:

- Learn the foundation for success
- Incorporate the 12 qualities of outstanding leaders
- Create an intentional future
- Criticise and not be hated for it
- Commit to strengthen relationships
- Use your own enthusiasm to motivate others
- Be more persuasive
- Resolve conflicts quickly and effectively
- Strengthen relationships
- Control your attitude and minimise stress and worry
- Commit to gaining enthusiastic cooperation
- Reduce self-consciousness and fear
- Make your ideas clear
- Think on your feet
- Crash through barriers
- Deliver presentations with poise and confidence
- Increase your enthusiasm
- Generate more and better ideas
- State your opinions
- Excel as a consensus builder
- Develop flexibility
- Tackle complex challenges
- Develop a vision for the future
- Work smarter, not harder

We are excited about the potential results and the ripple effect of the students who will graduate from the Dale Carnegie Course due to the combined efforts of the Acorn Foundation Scholarship, Instep, School and Dale Carnegie training.