Hockey is played throughout the Winter seasons in term two and three. Hockey is a sport where we have junior teams and senior teams.
Trials for these are towards the end of term one. Juniors usually in Summer tournament week and seniors the week after.

All registrations are now done online where all the season information is detailed. When registrations open it will be advertised in the daily notices for students to register online, all information will then be sent to students and parents/caregivers via the email addresses given in the registration.

All teams play in the Tauranga Hockey local rounds on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday nights.

School Contact: Abbie Johnston
Email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

TEAMS 2020




1st XI Girls Hockey

Paul Collins & Abbie Johnston

Monday 5-6:30pm @ TBC

Friday 7-8am @ OTC

 TGA Hockey Division 1

2nd XI Girls Hockey

Phil Pinkerton

Monday 5-6:60pm @ TBC 

Friday 3:30-5pm @ OTC

TGA Hockey Division 1 

1st XI Boys Hockey

Mark Alcroft

Tuesday 6:30-8pm @ TBC

 TGA Hockey Division 1

2nd XI Boys Hockey

John Dewes-Hodgeson

Thursday 5-6:30pm @ TBC

TGA Hockey Division 2 

Junior A Hockey Girls

Alan Galletly

Monday 7-8am @ OTC

Thursday 5-6:30pm @ TBC

TGA Hockey Division 1 

Junior B Girls Hockey

Bruce Walpole

Thursday 3:30 - 5pm @ OTC

TGA Hockey Division 2 

Junior Girls Green

Erina Walker

Wednesday 3:30 - 5pm @ OTC

TGA Hockey 6 aside

Junior Girls White

 Michael Doets  Wednesday 3:30 - 5pm @ OTC TGA Hockey 6 aside

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