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News Update: Term 2 Week 7

In this week's edition:

-  William Raisbeck Successful Scholarship winner
-  Year 11 Business Studies 
-  Salt Marsh & Estuary Clean Up
-  BOP Regional Chamber Music Contest

Latest Sports News

William Raisbeck Successful Scholarship winner

19 years old class of 2017 graduate.  Notre Dame College of Cleveland Ohio commit on a basketball scholarship. Studying bachelor of business majoring in sports and health management beginning in the fall of 2018.
Notre Dame College is a small Catholic Private University in Cleveland Ohio with 1200 students, only 45 international students from 10 different nations, 14 to 1 student teacher ratio.
It has been my dream since I was 10 years old to play college basketball in the US and now my dream has become reality but it took a lot of sacrifice to get there.  I had to spend most of my lunch times in Year 13 and a few hours every Saturday studying for my SAT exam in which I scored in the 92nd percentile internationally (because of this, a large part of my scholarship comes from my academic success) balancing the US High School curriculum with NCEA was a challenge that I'm glad I attacked to the best of my ability.
U.S. Colleges also love the well rounded community service kid, so I was heavily involved in the SADD (Students Against Dangerous Driving) program at the school and national level, as well as coaching basketball teams for the school and participating in Model United Nations and debating competitions (large participation in numerous events also landed me runner up in the Trust Power Youth Community Service Award).
On top of all of the above, I had to give every remaining ounce of thought I had to basketball. Training countless hours a week and playing for more teams than I can remember all moulded me into the man I am today. Basketball has made me a tremendous athlete and competitor, but also helped me become a better person, and for that I am truly grateful. 
My time at the College will not be forgotten and I will proudly wear OTC wherever basketball and life take me.

Year 11 Business Studies

On Thursday 17th May, three Level 1 Business Studies classes visited OGO Rotorua and Rotorua Skyline as part of our Marketing Mix assessment. Half of the group started at OGO, where we were privileged to talk to New Zealand entrepreneur Andrew Akers. We asked them a series of questions relating to our marketing mix assessment, and then we got the ball rolling. Six of us at a time were able to drive up in the truck, and overflow the hot tub with us all sitting and raring to go. With three in each inflatable ball and prepped with a gopro, we raced each other down the most popular track, the 250 metre wet and straight track.
Following OGO Rotorua, we travelled to Skyline Rotorua to learn more for our assessment. We were taught about all the marketing that happens at Skyline by Rachel Leinhardt. After we gathered all our notes, we were then free to do whatever we wanted at the various activities at Skyline Rotorua, as well as use our two Luge rides. After having something to eat we then looked around and most of us went to the Jelly Belly store, the brand famous for their game, ‘Bean Boozled’. Afterwards, we went on the luge. The luge ride was very thrilling and quite entertaining, with a few tumbles and near collisions along the way.
Overall, Skyline and OGO Rotorua provided us with information we required for our assessment, knowledge of both the companies and an exhilarating, adventure filled day.
Written by: Rose Akkerman and Danella Clark


Salt Marsh and Estuary Clean Up

Over 200 students teamed up with Tauranga District Council to clean up the Salt Marsh and Carlton Reserve. Council staff gave the students a short briefing on the types of pollution in our waterways, how we can help to protect them and health and safety. This linked directly to activities the Year 9 and Year 10 students had completed on the importance of Papahenga the salt Marshes at Matua. The students then spend the next hour and a half collecting rubbish from different areas at Carlton Reserve and the Salt Marsh. Several council staff commented on how well the students did and how enthusiastic they were.
Following this the council provided a sausage sizzle and a short debrief on how well we had done. The weather was perfect and the students were awesome. A special shout out to the Environmental Council members who adopted a half a dozen students each from the junior classes and joined in creating lots of enthusiasm. Also to Downer Construction who sponsored the event. Thanks to all involved.

BOP Regional Chamber Music Contest 

15 groups entered the BOP Regional Chamber Music contest on Thursday 14th June, five of those were from Otumoetai College.
We gained two highly commended placings (Top 4) and the adjudicators award. Taking out three of the six prizes.

Our groups, with awards, and associated staff as follows:
Guitar Group - Highly Commended (Thanks to Kelly McNamara)
Percussion Group - Adjudicators Award (Thanks to Jack Moyle)
Piano Trio - Highly Commended (Thanks to Kathy Stewart)
String Quartet - Thanks to Lucy Gardiner
Brass Trio - Thanks to Ian O'Malley
Another great day for our school.








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