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News Update: Term 3 Week 10

In this week's edition:

-  Spanish Students Conquering Adrenalin Forest
-  Speaker: Dr. Eyal Schwartz from Dodd-Walls Centre, University of Otago
-  Hockey National Champs - Miss Abbie Johnston
-  Year 10 Science - Keeping NZ Beautiful

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Discovery Spanish Students Conquering Adrenalin Forest

Esther and Ana enjoying a beautiful warm spring day at Adrenalin Forest.  This was one of the highlights of their New Zealand experience and it even helped Esther overcome her fear of heights. The girls would love to return to New Zealand to do all the activities they have not managed to fit in this time.



Science Speaker:  A Talk On:  Gravitational Waves Heartbeats of the Universe

Science Speaker:  A Talk On:  Gravitational Waves Heartbeats of the Universe

Dr. Eyal Schwartz from Dodd-Walls Centre, University of Otago
Thursday 28 September, Otumoetai College in the PAC at 6.30pm

Free Admission

Dr Eyal Schwartz Lecture

Dr Eyal Schwartz from Otago University and in conjunction with the Dodd Walls Centre came up for the day. He gave two lectures (to all Physics students, and a group of Yr9 and 11 students) about how we discover exoplanets, what is life. Two laboratories for students to make a model LIGO (light interferometer that detects gravitational waves), they also looked at how the LIGO would detect gravitational waves. The end of the night, we had another lecture with parents and students, what are they, how are they detected.
Dr Schwartz was very impressed with our students who asked very good questions, and persevered well and showed good problem solving skills in the lab. It was great to have someone of Dr Schwartz's calibre come to Otumoetai College and work with the students, giving them access to an academic scientist who is in the field. He really pushed the fact that students must be willing to take risks, keep persevering, and that Science is about failing a lot before you can succeed. The feedback from the day was excellent and we hope to provide a similar experience next year (with a different focus). Thank you to Dr Eyal Schwartz and the Dodd Walls Centre for visiting us. 


Hockey Tournament - written by Miss Abbie Johnston

Wow!! What a week I've had. The team I played for is equivalent to the Chiefs rugby team but for Hockey.
We went into tournament having had some very close games against all teams. Our first game of tournament was against Northland, who we had successfully beaten 6-1 pre season. We went out very flustered, having 133 circle penetrations to their 20 and lost 2-3.
From there we had to re group as we had more games against North Harbour and Central which would not be easy. We played outstanding and won both of those going into the semifinal taking on Capital (whose home turf it was).
We won the quarterfinal 1-0, in which my back went and it was my disc again. Thanks to an amazing physio though, I managed to get through the rest of the tournament JUST...  Onto the semi we had Auckland. At this point in the tournament, Auckland are a tough team to play but we had been building and building all week so we're super excited for the game. 
We started amazingly, and at half time were up 2-0. Knowing they would come out strong in the second half we had heaps more work to do.. We won the game 3-1.
Off to the finals we went, and were taking on Northland again, time to get some revenge from the first game of tournament. We were amazing!! We played out of our skins, every girl was coming off the turf struggling to catch their breath. 
WE WON!!!!! 4-2 !
So we are the National Champs!!  I've learnt a lot over the week and it was amazing!

Below is a photo of the team, I am next to the cup holder. 

Year 10 Science - Keeping NZ Beautiful

A huge thank you to all the year 10 Science class that participated in Keep New Zealand Beautiful week by removing litter from our school and gully. Together we removed 150kg of waste. Together we can keep Otumoetai beautiful. Let's do it.











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