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News Update: Term 2 Week 4

In this week's edition:
-  Year 12 Bushcraft Tramps
-  WellBeing Survey Information
-  Music Updates
-  Extended Learner Programme
-  2021 School Ball Tickets

- Latest Sports News

Year 12 Bushcraft Tramps

Over the next few weeks, the 12OEAS students will take part in an overnight tramp to the Waitawheta Hut. Students will follow an old tramline used from 1898-1928. This is a relatively flat 10km track through the spectacular Waitawheta Gorge. Those fit enough will walk over the range and follow the Waitengaue Stream to exit at Woodland Road.

Students are working towards the following goals:

  • Appling their group’s two-day tramp plan
  • Appling bushcraft skills (equipment, clothing, food, packing for a tramp, map and compass work, cooking, first aid, environmental care)
  • Increasing personal awareness of own abilities

Tramp dates: Ms Boubees class: 20-21st May, Mr Loudon’s class: 27th-28th May, Mr Gadsbey’s class 31-1st June.

Awards from Ms Boubees Class:
Master Chef Award: Tom Voller
Map Reading Award: Angel Jackson, Tahlia Marshall, and Jessica Hood
Bivouac Award: Asha Clarke and Halle Carr
Boo Hoo Award: Jessica Hood and Kharn Johnson
Girl Scout Award: Maureece Donovan
Boy Scout Award: Sage Freeland-Smith
Support and Empathy Award: Ison Reihana

WellBeing Survey Information

Next week Ōtūmoetai College students will be completing the NZCER (New Zealand Council of Educational Research) WellBeing @ school climate survey which looks at whether we are a safe and caring place in which to learn. 

It focuses on the quality of relationships and whether students are supported to develop social problem -solving skills they will need as successful adults. Remember your own school life - how you were treated by teachers and students had a big impact on how you felt. This then affected whether or how you got involved and were supported to reach your own potential. How people feel is important.

The student and teacher surveys asks everyone how they feel things are going. The common dimensions are: care, safety, respectful relationships, a sense of belonging and contribution, teaching and learning, and the physical environment. ​We don't often ask for this type of information so it would be great if you could open up discussions about how they really do feel about being at Ōtūmoetai College - does everyone have an equal chance to reach their own potential?

This is a New Zealand survey​ supported by the Ministry of Education. Our school will be using this data to inform and develop a relevant well-being plan for the school for the future.

Music Updates

The Bay of Plenty heats of the Rockquest took place last Sunday at Baycourt. Ōtūmoetai College had five great acts perform and represent our school.

The Noobides - Arielle Viduya, Grace Duncan, Tyler Sainty, Dominic Clarke.
Freyja - Freyja Dunsmuir, Maya Deare.
P5 - Angus Healey, Fletcher Harbutt, Hunter Ross.
Henna - Hannah McNabb, Isaac Miller, Kenta Beech, Casey Flood.
Big Angry - Nixon Ririnui, Ashton Blair, Jack Baker, Ben Watson.

Big Angry Band (pictured below) have made it through to the Regional Finals, this Saturday 29th May, 7.00pm at Totara Street (Mauao Performing Arts Centre).


Chamber music students (pictured above) enjoyed coaching sessions with renowned flutist Luca Manghi in preparation for the Chamber Music Competition, which will take place on Tuesday 15 June at Wesley Methodist Church.

Students in the photo are Sophie Hock, Dominic Gouw, Rebecca Mahon and Ella Quarmby.

Extended Learner Programme

The Extended Learning (EL) programme was a valuable learning experience for all of the students that took part in it recently.

On the first day, we learnt about the way the adolescent brain works, and how we can use it to our advantage. We then applied this information through fun activities set by the teachers, which included maths riddles and learning critical thinking skills.

Bioethicist, Dr Deb Stevens, came on the second day and gave us a variety of interesting moral dilemmas to think through. She challenged us to think outside the box and let us ponder some of the bigger questions, such as ‘what does it mean to be a person?’.

On the last day we took the bus to the Adrenaline Forest to attempt the high ropes course and put into practice the skills we had learnt in the previous two days.

Overall, everyone had an amazing time and we’re excited for next year's EL programme!

2021 School Ball Tickets

Ball Tickets go on sale on the following dates:

Year 13 from Tuesday, 8th June
Year 12 from Monday, 14th June

Any payments received prior to these dates will be put into credit on the student’s account.

Once your student’s eligibility has been confirmed by the Deans, then the charge will be added to their account and the credit will be applied.


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