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News Update: Term 1 Week 11

In this week's edition:
-  Academic Excellence Breakfast
-  Barbarians Good Neighbour Community Service
-  Barbarians Newsletter
-  Robotics Change Up
-  Year 12 Biology Camp
-  SADD Workshop
-  Great Barrier Camp 2
-  Mastering the Art of Sports Parenting FREE Webinar

Latest Sports News

Academic Excellence Breakfast

It was a beautiful morning on the 1st April when we celebrated academic excellence over breakfast at the Tauranga Yacht Club. With the sun rising in all it's glory and a magnificent view of Mount Maunganui, we acknowledged over 100 Year 12 and 13 students who had their NCEA endorsed with excellence i.e gained 50 or more excellence credits. Those students invited a significant adult in their lives to join them in this celebration.

Ōtūmoetai College is proud of the high academic achievement of these students and acknowledges the hard work and consistent effort that is required to achieve excellence. We also recognise the encouragement and support from home which has enabled these students to achieve their academic best now and into the future.

Barbarians Good Neighbour Community Service

"Last Saturday approximately 30 students and 20 Dads from our rugby programme, whanau and  community were involved in delivering and stacking firewood throughout the Tauranga and Mount Maunganui areas.

When dealing with so many students, parents, whanau and community members many logistics are involved. Mr Sam Loudon deserves a big ‘shout out’ for his significant contribution of this very successful day. 

Arriving very early at Otumoetai College with rain falling, we were instantly galvanized -  we play in the rain, we train in the rain and we deliver in the rain.

The students demonstrated a tremendous work ethic throughout the day, always polite and respectful while out and about in our community. They represented the school with pride. Countless trailer loads of firewood were delivered throughout Tauranga and stacked by our students. This was only made possible by the tremendous support from whanau help. Our students were exposed to the harsh realities of life when delivering to some homes. The learning experience was amazing.

The partnership with: The Good Neighbour Charity is an important one. Our players were able to help those in need by simply volunteering their time. The Barbarians Rugby Programme helps develop community minded citizens, fosters empathy and compassion and recognises the importance of giving. 

Special mention to Mr Roy Ballantyne. Roy’s support of rugby and our school would encompass four decades. He was one of the first people to offer his time for our firewood day. His involvement in, giving back, coaching and rugby began in the 1980’s. His presence was very much appreciated. 

Importantly, we have amazing support from others - Emma Henderson, Jason Rowling, Pete Blackwell & Bryce Lawrence." - Richard Brown.

Barbarians Newsletter

Check out our latest Newsletter.

DownloadBarbarians Newsletter Issue 2 

Robotics Change Up

“Now the title might be a little different to what actually happened this season in our robotics career. Nothing has actually changed apart from all of us being one year older and the new students who joined at the beginning of this season. The game this year was called Change Up, hence the misleading title. It was basically a giant game of tic tac toe where the robots had to place, often replace, different colour balls in towers trying to create three in a row. The game this year was quite simple but still had varying strategies that we could all try. 

After reading up on the game and doing a bit of research, most of the teams started their long trek to nationals. We found that one of the leading strategies was something called a snail bot. This bot basically filtered towers until it was a colour the robot wanted. Most teams in our club tried this strategy however one team, 2941C, decided on a different strategy. Their robot would just be good at one thing, getting balls out of towers. 

After months and months and multiple postponements due to covid, Nationals finally came around. It was about time. All the teams had their efforts throughout the year paid off. Everyone in the club got past the qualifications and into the sudden death rounds. This year, compared to other years, was very successful for the newbies as every single one of the teams got in and one even finished qualifications in 10th place, 2941X. 2941B, another one of our teams, had an excellent autonomous, where we program the robot to do its own thing, which worked very well. At the end of the nationals, as the awards were being given out, Harry, Corbin, and the other members of team 2941A unexpectedly got the Build Award for building the most reliable and well-constructed robot out of the entire North Island. 

We feel very happy about all the achievements from everyone in our club this Nationals, and we can’t wait to get stuck into the next season.- The Robotics Team.


Year 12 Biology Camp

Students carried out a stream survey to measure the health of the stream at Aongatete Forest during the recent Year 12 Biology Camp.

They caught (and released) insects from the stream such as mayflies, caddisflies and dobson flies and used the presence of these pollution intolerant species to conclude that the stream is in excellent health.

SADD Workshop

On Wednesday 2 students represented Ōtūmoetai College at the SADD workshop in Tauranga. Students Against Dangerous Driving is a committee that focuses on giving young people information around driving decisions.

Did you know 1 person per hour is injured in New Zealand due to unsafe driving?  

Kaela Kolesky and Ava Bastin, pictured below with one of the SADD presenters, thoroughly enjoyed the day which included inspirational speaker Billie Jordan and representatives from local council.

Look out for more from the SADD committee this year.

Great Barrier Camp 2

Please find below a few Great Barrier Camp 2 photographs sent by Mr Gadsbey.


Mastering the Art of Sports Parenting FREE Webinar

This FREE Webinar is on Wednesday 21 April 7.30-8.30pm, a Balance is Better Webinar: Mastering the Art of Sports Parenting, featuring special guest, Professor Camilla Knight. Camilla, is an internationally renowned expert in the space of parental influence in youth sport, and co-authour of “Parenting in Youth Sport: From Research to Practice”.

This webinar is targeted for parents, but coaches and other volunteers will no doubt benefit from some of the messages.

Registration is FREE and details can be found here.


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